Hypnotherapy for Neck pain

I often wonder how many people know what a powerful tool hypnosis can be. Or conversely how much misery they are putting up with because they haven’t discovered it.   It’s a question I ask myself from time to time as a trained hypnotherapist.

My neck is a case in point.  A month ago I was fed up with a wry-neck  problem that’s bugged me for some years, affected sleep, etc.,etc., and since it’s very difficult to do sports massage on your own neck,  I went to the doc who referred me to the hospital physio dept.  I was faced with  a 16 week wait with little hope of a cure. ‘Don’t expect much improvement’ I was told.

Then I remembered something!  A few months ago I treated someone with a similar problem and they said I’d cured them.  Those were the client’s very words.  And I’d used which treatment technique?  Hypnosis!

So, I did a hypno treatment on myself (yes, it sounds barmy but you can do that) and lo and behold the problem has all but disappeared!

I had to laugh really.  Talk about ‘physician health thyself’!








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