Sports Massage – How Effective?

It’s always a delight when someone gets off my therapy table at the end of a treatment and says, without any kind of prompting, Wow!  I’ve got a lot more movement!  It happened yesterday as a matter of fact.

I’m not surprised when people say that, because sports massage or remedial massage is a tried  and tested ‘nuts and bolts’ discipline that is known to work.  We find out what’s wrong, we use our training to put things right, and we rehabilitate muscles that have forgotten how they should work.  Simples!

Putting meerkats to one side, it’s not always simplistic of course.  Part of a reputable therapist’s skill is to recognise when a client presents with problems that are beyond his skills or which should be referred to another health professional.  Then our duty is to do what’s best for our client and to avoid the temptation to over-sell our products!


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