Hot Stones Massage

Hot stones massage has to be one of the most enjoyable therapy experiences, especially as winter approaches and we all yearn for a bit of warmth and comfort.

What is it?  A wonderfully relaxing, full body massage done using smooth, heated and oiled basalt stones, rather than hands.   It’s a gentle therapy that induces deep relaxation, helps to de-tox, and leaves you with a warm, satisfying glow.

Hot stones treatments take an hour and a half, and that means 90 minutes of pure, unashamed, sensuous me-time!

Technically, it’s a product that is expensive to provide to professional standards, which is why you may have to pay anything up to £175 to experience it in a spa setting!  Therapeaze offers the same product for £90,  but for a very limited period you can get it even cheaper!   Much, much cheaper in fact !  So don’t miss out, be sure to visit our Offers and Deals page.


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