Cheap Hypnotherapy – Don’t Miss Out!

Hypnotherapy can be a very powerful and helpful aid to everyday living.

It may be that you have some intractible personal issues that limit you, such as unwanted habits, phobias or lack of confidence.  Or maybe you eat more than you wish to and the weight is piling on.  Then again, perhaps you just need a bit of confidence and encouragement, to be able to achieve some goal in your life.

Hypnotherapy is good for all these issues, and lots lots more!

And just to encourage you to put a toe in the water and book your four sessions, we are offering them at an incredibly low price £150.00 for four until the end of January 2012.  This means you can get hypnotherapy for only £37.50 a session instead of the normal £60.00, when booked and paid for as a course and in advance.

So, stop smoking, lose a bit of weight, get a bit more confidence, get rid of that fear of flying, etc., etc., and do it cheaply while the offer lasts!

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