Lose Weight. How to Control Your Diet and Food Intake

Diets  in January are as predictable as Boxing Day following Christmas Day!  The trouble is the start of a new year only highlights the effects of all those holiday food excesses. The consequence can be seesaw dieting, a cycle of gaining weight then trying to lose it.  This is often depressing and expensive.

Weight reduction plans and slimmers’ groups are fine and they work for some people. They rely on will power though, and will power is an exhaustible commodity.  It doesn’t last.  I knew a lady who lost over 20 Kilos through one of the famous name organisations,  only to pile it all back on in just over a year!  Good business for them; totally demoralising for her.

The only sure-fire way to reduce weight is to eat less, exercise more and keep doing both.

So what if you could reprogramme your mind to remove the desire to eat excessively?  What if something inside could be ‘rewired’ to change your eating habits?  What if you could change your own desires so that you ate just enough for your needs?  Suppose you could ‘see’ yourself as that fitter, sleeker, more attractive you?  What if you could gain the confidence that would come with such a life change?  Well, many people have found it possible to do just that with the help of hypnosis.

It’s not mumbo jumbo, it’s merely using the power that you already have but don’t know how to use.

So how can we help?

We have a  Weight Control Plan that is currently on special offer.  It uses Hypnosis to modify eating habits and to build personal confidence in order to effect weight control.

The standard plan costs £199 and gives you 6 hypnosis sessions over ten weeks.  This works out to approximately £33 per session (61% cheaper than some local practitioners!)  And you are not on your own!  The ten week period means that you have support throughout and tailor-made treatments to help along the way!

Ring or email today to book!  Change direction today!

Remember, this offer is only available until the end of February!








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