Weight Loss Hypnosis

Say goodbye to that unwanted extra weight with hypnotherapy!

There’s no doubt that body image affects us all.  How we see ourselves and how others see us does make a difference and it is important.   And when eating gets out of control or we find ourselves taking in foods that we don’t really need, then we can also be troubled with hurtful conflicts within.

Has it ever occured to you that there are probably many multi-million pound businesses out there that work on the premise of dieters hardly ever reaching or maintaining their goals?  They hardly ever succeed so there’s always a weight control product, book or course to be sold to them!  Wouldn’t it be nice to buy something that just did the job!

Hypnosis is quite different.  It’s a one to one treatment, that helps you to change your whole relationship with food.  And that change can be permanent. There are no guarantees but it may be that after four sessions with us you may never need to buy in to another diet plan!

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