Reflexology, pampering or healing?

I’m a registered therapist and I’m trained and qualified to practise a wide variety of therapies, including reflexology.  I studied it quite early on in my career without knowing much about it beforehand.  Shortly after beginning my training I quickly took the view that I had made an expensive mistake and that reflexology was a lot of nonsense, more suited to those who were away with the fairies.

How wrong I was.  I began to see medical conditions treated, stress being controlled, and clients’ well-being visibly improved!  I’m so glad I saw those things for myself having moved on from a position of scepticism, because I now know what reflexology can actually do.  It is a powerful, healing therapy.

Oh and by the way, for those of you who are already in good health, it’s a lovely pampering experience too!    See my offers page for a Very Special Deal.

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