Marathon Running, Aches Pains and Problems

If you’re a runner you’ll probably be psyching yourself up several times a week at the moment, to get out there and press on with your training whatever the weather.  You’ll be aiming for various up-coming marathons or half marathons and you’ll be investing a huge amount of effort in that. Your schedule will be all important, as will be your fitness level.

As a fully qualified sports therapist I understand the psychology, the determination, the challenge, the endurance and the sense of achievement that such persuits involve.

Therapeaze treats a lot of runners and we help to keep them running!  Shin splints, muscular problems, runners knee, tendonitis;  you name it –  we treat it!

We are also qualified to practise Therapeutic Ultrasound, which is incredibly effective for soft tissue conditions, and which often reduces the need for deep manipulation!





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