Neck and Shoulder Pain seems to be very common at the moment and I’m seeing a lot of clients who are suffering from both. The symptoms can include not only localised pain, but also severely restricted movement, migraines and sleeping problems.

You should always consult a doctor about any on-going medical problem, but in the case of non-specific neck conditions there is probably little that they will do other than to prescribe pain killers.  These are useful, but there are also things that the sufferer can do for themselmselves to improve things.

Neck and shoulder conditions are often aggrevated by bad posture or by things we do, such as spending long periods hunched over a computer keyboard.  Changing an office chair or using a cushion so as to alter the height of your sitting position can help.  Also when at the keyboard, keep your wrists supported and consciously  relax your shoulders when typing.  Changing your pillow may also help at night,  avoiding having the head too high and twisted.

Remedial massage combined with ultrasound therapy  usually improves neck and shoulder problems and treatment of specific muscle groups is key.  We are highly experienced in this therapy, and we can often help to improve things for you.  Several sessions may be necessary.



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