We therapists tend to talk about discomfort rather than pain, but to the client pain is the word that springs to mind in connection with waxing!

At  Therapeaze Horsham  we wax mostly men and those waxing treatments include everything from backs to full intimate treatments.  Pain thresholds and the perception of pain vary tremendously from individual to individual, and they are also different between men and women, and between different areas of the body.

What is true is that the way the waxing is done, and the quality and suitability of the waxes used, are key to reducing any pain that may be involved and in protecting the client from needless stress.  At  Therapeaze  we are trained and experienced in the best waxing techniques and we use the best products too.

If you have had an initial waxing and found it challenging,  just remember that it normally gets much easier with subsequent treatments, as long as you keep to the recommended waxing intervals.  As you continue with it the hair growth weakens, so that ultimately waxing will probably become quite easy for you!


















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