Bosch Dishwasher E14 Error Code

Not a therapy subject, but this might help somebody!  I did this repair very successfully myself.  I am an expert at fixing people, not household appliances, so I can take no responsibility for any consequences if you try this repair and it doesn’t go well.  If you decide to attempt this repair on your dishwasher, then let it be understood that it is entirely at your own risk!   However, it helped me and if it can save other people money then good luck!

So, WITHOUT PREJUDICE,  you have a Bosch dishwasher that suddenly fails with an error code E14 on the display panel.  It is highly likely then that the Reed Switch Flow Sensor has gone faulty.

This is incredibly easy and quick to fix, with no need to drain down the machine, open up any plumbing, or work on any dangerous electrics.


Check online to see if your machine uses the Reed Switch Part No. 61137.  If so, get a new reed switch off Ebay Uk for £16.  You can get a brand new original part for this price (as at Jan 18).

Looking at your dishwasher from the front, undo the two silver screws on the left hand  front edge of stainless steel cabinet, easing away the white seal as you do so.  These screws need a T20 star bit to get them moving.

Having removed the screws, pull sideways on the top of the left hand white body panel, to ease the top of the white metal panel away from the flat top panel of the machine.  Then push the white panel down towards the floor to release it.  You have now opened up the left hand side of the dishwasher cabinet.

An amazing plastic water matrix tank is then revealed – it fills the whole of the left hand side of the cabinet and it may be full of water, but don’t worry, you don’t have to drain it.

Down towards the bottom left of this water filled matrix, find two thin wires disappearing into a recess in the matrix.  Bend back the small flap where the wires disappear and this will reveal a tiny circuit board.  With a small screwdriver gently prise out the circuit board and unplug the two wires.  You have now removed the tiny reed switch.

Your new reed switch, part No. 61137, will come in a complex looking clear plastic housing and will have next to no instructions with it! .  THE CLEAR PLASTIC HOUSING IS FOR TRANSIT PROTECTION ONLY.  Carefully prise the circuit board out of the housing, bin the plastic housing, and plug the two wires onto the new circuit board.  Clip the new assembly back into the recess, push the flap back, make sure the two little wires are back in their clips, and refit the metal side panel to the machine.

Your E14 error code should now have gone and your machine will most likely work perfectly.  You may well have saved yourself the best part of £200 for an outlay of £16!



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