Massage for Pleasure

A term like this can be misconstrued, but body massage that isn’t for clinical purposes is and should be pleasurable. It’s to do with relaxation and endorphins, the so called ‘happy hormones’. And why shouldn’t we be pleasured anyway?

In recent times society has become very exercised about touching. Yes, there is of course inappropriate touch, but there is also healing comforting and enjoyable touch, which is what professional body massage gives.

Ladies, at Therapeaze Horsham we know that you want to be relaxed and pampered in safe surroundings and by somebody you can trust. Over the years our male masseur has done many massages for ladies and our feedback has always been extremely good.

Men, we strongly believe that you too benefit from professional massage, done by a male massage technician, and many of our clients agree. There is an understanding and a freedom when a guy is massaged by another guy. You can just relax and enjoy the same ‘me time’ that the ladies do!

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