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  Therapeaze Horsham  for LIPO TREATMENTS without surgery and minus the pain, using non-invasive and easy Ultrasonic Cavitation.   Tried tested and safe, ultrasound is the favourite choice for affordable targeted fat reduction and body sculpting. For details and prices click  here.                          


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  Therapeaze Horsham   has safe painless and non-invasive ultrasonic lipo treatments at great prices.  It’s worth a click to see how much you might save. We are professional, fully qualified clinicians and we offer complete 90 minute treatments, even at our offer prices, unlike many non-surgical lipo practitioners. Get toned, get slimming,  click here  for […]

LIPOSUCTION HORSHAM SUSSEX SURREY. There is a proven Non-Surgical Alternative

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  ULTRASONIC  LIPO  CAVITATION   is cheaper, non-invasive, targeted  AND  involves no surgery, no pain, no surgical risks and no down time afterwards. With Therapeaze Horsham  you may expect real and measurable results, and a course of treatments won’t break the bank, especially with our introductory offers!    (valid as at May/June 2014, but see our website […]

Hypnotherapy with Therapeaze Horsham

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People sometimes ask what to expect in a Hypnothery Treatment with Therapeaze Horsham.  Sometimes clients have had hypnosis in the past and have had a range of experiences, not always calming or entirely pleasant. Our hypnotherapy sessions are all individually tailored to the needs and sensitivities of the particular client.  There are no scripts, no […]

Hypnotherapy Horsham

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Therapeaze offers locally based and highly professional hypnotherapy treatments for many life issues. Whether its confidence, phobias, unwanted habits, smoking, weight control, exam performance, driving test nerves or self worth, we have a personally tailored treatment to suit you. In our hypnosis sessions you always know what is going on and you are always in […]

Hypnotherapy in Horsham

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Therapeaze is an established therapy practice in North Horsham offering physical treatments and hypnotherapy.  We also do special combined treatments, such as sports massage for painful muscles together with hypnotherapy for calming and pain control. Our hypnosis sessions are always tailored  to your specific needs and goals, whatever they may be.  At present we are […]

Hypnotherapy for Confidence and Personal Issues

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I’m currently seeing a large increase in numbers of clients seeking help for confidence issues and personal issues. Hypnosis can be particularly effective in both of these areas, helping people to access strengths they never knew they had and enabling them to change direction in order to achieve their stated goals. It is a powerful […]

Remedial Massage and Hypnotherapy

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Our busiest period for treating marathon running clients has now passed.  They all finished their events and some raised large sums for very good causes.  Well done all of you! We are currently seeing an increase in remedial massage and hypnotherapy clients.  Mostly bad necks or troublesome backs plus, in the case of hypnotherapy, many […]


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Those who lack self confidence or who have low self esteem may feel marginalised, useless and at the bottom of the heap.  It’s a bad place to be in, but the good news is that you don’t have to stay there.  The other thing about being at the bottom (if that’s where you think you […]

Hypnotherapy in Horsham, for Personal Issues

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HYPNOTHERAPY for PERSONAL ISSUES of all kinds, is available from THERAPEAZE HORSHAM. Most people, even those who appear to be the strongest or the most successful, arrive at a point in their life when they are overwhelmed by personal problems.  For many, it’s a temporary blip and they get over it.  For others, it’s a […]