MENS SPRAY TAN Horsham Sussex

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Therapeaze Horsham are the experts.  If you’re smooth then look even better with a bronzed tanned body!  The colour is natural and streak free. Not smooth?   Then try our  Male Waxing  service first, for ultra smooth, long lasting results.  Smooth skin enhances your assets!  Tanned smooth skin is even better! CONTACT  US  NOW  for your […]


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Therapeaze is your local centre for relexology, offering professional treatments in the comfort of our North Horsham treatment room.   There are often deals available, so click here on  Therapeaze Offers  to view any current therapy bargains!        


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REFLEXOLOGY  –  See our fantastic  OFFER  available throughout September and October  2012.    


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All the Therapeaze Horsham February Offers have been extended to 31st March. Book now and grab yourself a bargain!    

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There are some great offers to be had from Therapeaze  Horsham  just now, and others coming up soon!   Visit the Deals and Offers Page on our website at

Hypnotherapy Horsham

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The hypnotherapy treatments offered by Les Daniels and Therapeaze Horsham are now being marketed under the names of both Therapeaze Horsham and Hypnotherapy Horsham.  In either case clients can expect the same personal service and professionalism that they have experienced previously. Quite recently, other therapy businesses have sprouted up in the Horsham area using similar […]

Reflexology, pampering or healing?

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I’m a registered therapist and I’m trained and qualified to practise a wide variety of therapies, including reflexology.  I studied it quite early on in my career without knowing much about it beforehand.  Shortly after beginning my training I quickly took the view that I had made an expensive mistake and that reflexology was a […]

Reflexology – Pleasure, Health or Both?

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Many people think that reflexology is just a pleasant foot massage that helps you relax and that is true, as far as it goes. I’m a professional reflexologist and I believe that there’s far more to it than that.  In fact I know many therapists who say that reflexology is a theory and a therapy. […]

Hypnotherapy for Neck pain

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I often wonder how many people know what a powerful tool hypnosis can be. Or conversely how much misery they are putting up with because they haven’t discovered it.   It’s a question I ask myself from time to time as a trained hypnotherapist. My neck is a case in point.  A month ago I […]