MENS SPRAY TAN Horsham Sussex

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Therapeaze Horsham are the experts.  If you’re smooth then look even better with a bronzed tanned body!  The colour is natural and streak free. Not smooth?   Then try our  Male Waxing  service first, for ultra smooth, long lasting results.  Smooth skin enhances your assets!  Tanned smooth skin is even better! CONTACT  US  NOW  for your […]


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  Painless, Non-Surgical, Safe, Affordable.  We are specialists in Ultrasonic Lipo Cavitation for  Targeted Fat Removal  and  Radio Frequency Skin Treatments for Skin Tightening,  Wrinkle Reduction  and  Cellulite Reduction. Click  here  for details.                          

Skin Tightening, Wrinkle and Fine Line Reduction in Horsham

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  Therapeaze Horsham  offers Radio Frequency and Ultrasonic Lipo Cavitation treatments that offer a solution to skin ageing. We are registered therapists and we are trained and qualified to do these procedures safely and easily. Click  here  for details.                            


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  Safe and painless non-surgical  Radio Frequency Skin Treatments for men and women in Horsham, offering skin tightening and cellulite reduction by experienced qualified staff. Non salon private clinic with easy parking.  Simples!                                


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    Our safe and non-invasive Radio Frequency Skin Treatment is suitable for both face and body and may significantly reduce wrinkles, cellulite and lax skin.  Fully trained and qualified, we treat both men and women at our North Horsham clinic. You can take these treatments on a  pay-as-you-go  basis and you don’t have to […]

BEAUTIFUL SKIN with Therapeaze Horsham

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  Radio Frequency Skin Therapy is a tried and tested treatment that is painless and non-invasive, and which may be able to reduce the appearance of cellulite, wrinkles and sagging skin. We are fully trained and qualified to offer safe RF treatments for both face and body at our North Horsham clinic.  We treat both […]

SKIN TIGHTENING with Therapeaze Horsham

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  Painless non-surgical Radio Frequency treatments for improved skin tone and reduction of cellulite.  Treatments that work, administered by fully trained and qualified staff.  You don’t need to book a course, simply pay as you go!  Click  here  for prices and offers. We also offer Ultrasonic Lipo Cavitation for targeted control of fat in stubborn […]

ANTI-AGEING skin care Therapeaze Horsham

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Our  Radio Frequency Treatments  target lax skin and help it to contract, thus tightening the skin surface whilst helping to reduce lines and ‘orange peel’ cellulite.  At deeper levels RF energy may stimulate collagen regeneration, helping with longer term rejuvenation of the skin’s basal structure.  These treatments are suitable for the face as well as […]

SKIN IMPROVEMENT with Therapeaze Horsham

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If you have cellulite or your skin has poor tone and could be tighter, then Radio Frequency Skin Treatment (RF) could be effective for you.  It’s painless, non-invasive and may help to partially regenerate the collagen in your skin,  whilst tightening the surface layers. Click   here  for details and prices.           […]


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  Therapeaze Horsham 01403 263651   for  amazing non-surgical, non-invasive treatments targeting stubborn fat, unsightly cellulite, wrinkles and sagging skin. We offer safe and painless  Ultrasonic  LIPO and  RF (Radio Frequency) procedures for FAT  REMOVAL and  SKIN ENHANCEMENT.  Our treatments are delivered in a non-salon clinic environment by fully trained and qualified staff, with an […]